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Innovative ROV technology for route clearance in the construction of offshore windfarms and other key subsea scopes.


Originally manufactured for route clearance operations in the wind farm market, more specifically boulder clearance utilising a 10ton Hydraulic Grab Centurion Subsea Services launched the AUXROV in 2016.

The first system built was a 200HP system with the large amount of hydraulic power being used to ensure optimum thruster performance whilst future proofing the system for operating a range of subsea tools. The latest system was built as a 300HP system for power Mass Flow Excavations systems in deep water.

The AUXROV system has a SWL of 20t and has been load tested to 3G. New applications for the system are still being identified but so far, we have operated Mass Flow Excavation Systems.

Hydraulic Tine Grabs, Hydraulic Clam Shell Grabs, shear cutters, rock bag deployment, and to operate a vast range of survey sensors.

The system could be used for subsea excavation, paired with subsea tracks for high current locations, utilised with a survey spread for seabed mapping or cable/pipe identification or depth or burial, operate a range of cutting tools and much more.

The system delivers hydraulic power at tool so any tools that a client wants to take deep water and has previously been restricted by downlines can use the AUXROV and an intelligent subsea HPU which can hold auto heading and obtain live video and sonar footage.

To discuss your requirements further, please contact us at +44 (0)1467 424060 email or visit our contact page.