18 3/4" AX/VX Gasket Cleaning Tool

  • Cleaning, Jetting & Dredging

Key Features

  • Cleans a 18-3/4” VX Ring Gasket.
  • Replaceable Abrasive Pads
  • ROV D-Handle

What’s Included

  • Gasket Cleaning Tool
  • All Operational Hoses
  • Operations Manual
  • Certificate Pack


  • Spares Kit
  • Spare Abrasive Pads

The 18 3/4" AX/VX Gasket Cleaning Tool is designed to remove soft marine growth, debris, surface rust and other loose material from the wellhead interface which seals against a 18-3/4” VX ring gasket.

Eight replaceable abrasive pads are used to remove material from the seal surface.

The D-handle attached also allows the ROV to handle and manoeuvre it easily onto the cleaning site.

Cleaning, Jetting & Dredging