Excav8 Subsea 6” Dredge Pump

  • Cleaning, Jetting & Dredging

Key Features

  • ROV mountable
  • Rated to any water depth (self-compensated)
  • Easy to integrate

What’s Included

  • 6” ROV Mounted Dredge Pump
  • Hose Kit
  • Suction Head
  • Transit Case
  • Operations Manual
  • Certification Pack


  • Skid Mounted System
  • Intelligent Valve Pack for Control
  • Dirty Work Pack to isolate ROV hydraulics

The Excav8 6” ROV mounted Dredge pump is the ultimate tool for Subsea Excavation operations.

Lightweight, high power and easy to use. Backflush fitted as standard.

The Excav8 Dredge Pump has been designed by ROV technicians who understand how important it is to have an easy-to-integrate and operate system.

Cleaning, Jetting & Dredging