Forum FLOT Tool

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Key Features

  • Has a durable design with greater versatility and less overall weight, so you don’t sacrifice pay load
  • Option of roll up to 360° in certain configurations allows the ability to dock flying leads in difficult conditions
  • Has been designed to fit the Seanic’s Torque Tool and can be customised to suit other industry recognised torque tools.

What’s Included

  • Operating and Maintenance Manual
  • 8 JIC Hose (2)
  • 4 JIC Hose (2)
  • Spares Kit


  • FLOT

The Forum FLOT Tool is designed and built for ease of operation and maintenance. The tool allows for angular and rotational orientation of a Class 4 torque tool to aid in connection of flying leads subsea. Built-in load valves ensure safe and reliable pitch control.

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