Methanol Injection Skid

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Key Features

  • Full proportional pressure control
  • Adaptable – can control multiple outputs
  • Robust design
  • Different pressure and flow options available
  • Multi-Purpose Skid


  • Spares Kit
  • Fluid Reservoirs
  • Alternative Ratio Pumps

What’s Included

  • Multi-Purpose Skid with Buoyancy
  • Skid Lift Frame
  • 10,000 psi IHPU
  • Subsea Gauges to Monitor System Pressures
  • 30L Reservoir
  • Operational Hoses
  • Operations Manual
  • Certificate Pack

The Methanol Injection Skid is suitable for connection to most work class ROV’s. The pin configuration is to fit the Triton XLX ROV as standard but can be adapted to any other work class ROV.

The Methanol Injection System has been designed to inject Methanol at high pressure subsea via a client provided Hot Stab connection at pressures up to 10,000 PSI.

Methanol is a dangerous substance for handling therefore the system has been designed for maximum safety with zero leakage at any time.

The system has also been designed with a hydraulic seawater switch therefore once filled and deployed and injected, the system is flushed before recovery and should never be returned to deck with Methanol still present.

We provide copies of the Methanol Institutes safe handling guide with all orders and it is critical that detailed safety procedures are prepared prior to any methanol operations.

Skid Packages