Holmatro Secateur Cutter (Parrot Cutter)

  • Hard Line Cutters

Key Features

  • Heavy duty hydraulically operated cutter
  • Lightweight aluminum and stainless-steel construction
  • ROV handle
  • Quick and efficient operation
  • Long blade life ensures that tool maintenance is kept to a minimum
  • Can be used at any water depth


  • Intensifier
  • Spare Blades

What’s Included

  • Secateur Cutter
  • ROV handle
  • Operational Hoses
  • Manual
  • Certification Pack

The Holmatro Secateur cutter is an industrial cutter specially designed for a wide range of diverse applications which we have converted for ROV use.

An ideal tool for scaffolding tubes, rebar, banding straps, wire ropes and anode bolts.

It is lightweight, user-friendly and ergonomic. It has a flat lever hinge pin construction enabling optimum reach.

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